Center of cultivating of the Caucasian and Central Asian sheep-dogs.



The nursery of the Caucasian and Central Asian dogs "GOYUN ITLYAR" exists 10 years on Belarus. The nursery was collected in 1990 from dogs of carrying on factory lines of the basic centers of cultivation of breed: Perm, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Rostov-na-Donu, Azov. For expired 10 years are obtained 4-5 generations with addition of a blood of dogs of St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Ukraine.

We consider, that the native breed of the Caucasian and Central Asian sheep-dogs with all by their variety of a type should be saved in their variety. We have dogs miscellaneous growth gradation. The male type a dogs has an altitude from 30 up to 33 inches and weighs 100 + pounds. Excellent skeleton and anatomy, different сolouring and Charming psychics.

By it dogs of nursery "GOYUN ITLYAR" stably differ.


My address: Belarus,
Minsk reg.,
222120 Borisov,
2-Molodejnii per., 30-А
Natali Danilova-Owsepyan (The republican expert 1-2 gr.FCI)
Тел - +375-1777-955-45
Т./ф. +375-1777-955-45

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